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  • New & Exciting Hosts – Sound Check Webisode

    New & Exciting Hosts – Sound Check Webisode

    New & Exciting Hosts Derek Schultz introduces two new and exciting hosts, Matt and Ian, for Sound Check webisodes. Matt Loewenstein and Ian Opalinski go over a little about themselves and their band, the Matthew Ferris Band, as well as “Shark Rock.” Stay Tuned for upcoming webisodes as Matt and Ian interview bands like: Shiny Penny Tangled Headphones and more Contact Matt and Ian at matthewferrisband.com to be featured on City360.tv Sound Check or if you have questions.  

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  • Sound Check Indy – Hostel Folk Festival

    Sound Check Indy – Hostel Folk Festival

    Indy Hostel Summer Concert Series Okay folks!!! just around the corner for the Indy Hostel summer concert series. City360.tv revisits  the Indy Hostel Folk Festival in Indianapolis, IN. Special guest host Angel speaks with musicians John Robert Bowyer and Junk Box Mike with Old Truck Revival. Great musicians and a great time!  

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  • Sound Check

    Sound Check

    Indy Hostel announces upcoming events, plus a performance by Nashville artist Sabrina John Newton from the Indy Hostel announces this year’s concert line up for the Indy Hostel and the Prairie Guest House.  Plus, Sound Check revisits a great performance from Nashville artist Sabrina.           Indy Hostel  If you like to really feel a town, meet the people, and experience the food and lifestyle of the locals, then Indy Hostel is the place to stay!!!! They have […]

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  • Sound Check Webisode

    Sound Check Webisode

    National act Nashville Ned Evett appears this week on “Sound Check” with special guest host Preacher from the great band Angel and the Preacher.

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  • Sound Check: Jethro Easyfields

    Sound Check: Jethro Easyfields

    Sound Check Webisode 1 with local Musician Jethro Easyfields.

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  • Sound Check: The Michaels

    Sound Check: The Michaels

    Derek Schultz guest hosts this week’s Sound Check with The Michaels. They preform three songs and sit down for an interview. Give them a listen!

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  • Sound Check – featuring DeadGhost

    Sound Check – featuring DeadGhost

    Bloomington, Indiana’s hottest band, DeadGhost, checks in with Sound Check host, John Newton.

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  • Sound Check: No Divas Tour

    Sound Check: No Divas Tour

    Winding down the Summer, the No Divas Tour stops in at the Indy Hostel Summer stage to play some of their unreleased songs coming out soon on their EP’s just in time for the Holiday season.

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  • Sound Check: Grime Time

    Sound Check: Grime Time

    John has a techno spin on the show this time with the Grime Time Collective and shares some information about a brand new show coming to City360tv very soon.

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  • Sound Check: Art Adams Band

    Sound Check: Art Adams Band

    John Newton is back for this webisode of Sound Check as he sits down with The Art Adams Band as they perform their rockabilly music that has landed Art Adams into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame!

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  • Sound Check: Jenn Cristy

    Sound Check: Jenn Cristy

    Guest host Nora Spritznogle is honored to sit down and interview Legendary Jenn Cristy and find out what makes her music so great. In addition, there is some great music to listen to and bonus songs are available in Sound Check: AfterBurner!

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  • Sound Check: Kontraband Muzik

    Sound Check: Kontraband Muzik

    This week on Sound Check John Newton presents a talented band, Kontraband Muzik. In addition, John sits down with Nate Davis the lead singer and gets to know what Kontraband Muzik is all about.

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  • Sound Check: Eunan McIntyre

    Sound Check: Eunan McIntyre

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! John Newton hosts this special edition of Sound Check with Irish musician Eunan McIntyre.

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  • Sound Check: Lo Woods

    Sound Check: Lo Woods

    Are all the people tired of acoustic guitars ready to get their faces melted by the legendary Lo Woods?! John Newton has Lo Woods in studio playing a few tunes and talking about his new CD Feel, which is available now. Also, don’t forget to watch Sound Check AfterBurners with more Lo songs!

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  • Sound Check: Angel and the Preacher

    Sound Check: Angel and the Preacher

    New Sound Check Host John Newton has his hands full this week with Angel and the Preacher. An every expanding rocking country blues band. For the first time ever, Sound Check is out on location and if you haven’t have enough of Angel and the Preacher after three songs then stick around for Sound Check AfterBurners for an encore performance that will be sure to satisfy.

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  • Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Jim E Jam Host this weeks Sound Check with musical guest Bryan Hodge featuring Engine Number 9 and Magic.

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  • Sound Check: Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f

    Sound Check: Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f

    Jim E Jam has local musician Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f in studio this week performing some of his original songs and learning more about the story of Tr00f.

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  • Sound Check: Junk Box Mike

    Sound Check: Junk Box Mike

    Jim E Jam Hosts another Sound Check with local musician Junk Box Mike. If you’re in a band or a musician and you would like to be featured on Sound Check with Jim E Jam then send an email in to soundcheck@city360.tv for a chance to be on a webisode!

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