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  • Sound Check: Angel and the Preacher

    Sound Check: Angel and the Preacher

    New Sound Check Host John Newton has his hands full this week with Angel and the Preacher. An every expanding rocking country blues band. For the first time ever, Sound Check is out on location and if you haven’t have enough of Angel and the Preacher after three songs then stick around for Sound Check AfterBurners for an encore performance that will be sure to satisfy.

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  • Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Jim E Jam Host this weeks Sound Check with musical guest Bryan Hodge featuring Engine Number 9 and Magic.

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  • Sound Check: Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f

    Sound Check: Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f

    Jim E Jam has local musician Harold Allen a.k.a. Tr00f in studio this week performing some of his original songs and learning more about the story of Tr00f.

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  • Sound Check: Junk Box Mike

    Sound Check: Junk Box Mike

    Jim E Jam Hosts another Sound Check with local musician Junk Box Mike. If you’re in a band or a musician and you would like to be featured on Sound Check with Jim E Jam then send an email in to soundcheck@city360.tv for a chance to be on a webisode!

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  • Sound Check: Chris Wolf

    Sound Check: Chris Wolf

    Jim E Jam has another local musician in studio this week by the name of none other then Chris Wolf! Chris Wolf is a talented guitarist from the Indianapolis area that is sure to put a smile on even the smallest listener. Check out his new cd on iTunes Better Be Scared and watch this weeks show as he talks about his upcoming projects.

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  • Sound Check: Claude Brissart

    Sound Check: Claude Brissart

    This week on Sound Check Jim E Jam has guest local guest musician Claude Brissart. Claude has been in 17+ bands around America including his recent band Parasia. He has played numerous genres of music and is an expert at his craft of guitar and vocals.

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  • Sound Check: Phil Pierle

    Sound Check: Phil Pierle

    This week on Sound Check Jim E Jam has local musician Phil Pierle, lead guitar and vocals for the Woomblies band, in the studio playing some of his songs and answering a few interview questions.

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  • Sound Check: Luka Music

    Sound Check: Luka Music

    Sound Check host Jim E Jam is back this week with local musician Luka.

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  • Sound Check: The Combo Nation

    Sound Check: The Combo Nation

    New host Jim E Jam interviews the talented combo in The Combo Nation, two brothers that have created a great local band.

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  • Sound Check: Emily Thompson

    Sound Check: Emily Thompson

    Violinist Emily Thompson is showcased in City360 TV’s Sound Check segment.

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  • Sound Check: Evan Slusher

    Sound Check: Evan Slusher

    Evan Slusher, a Noblesville, IN artist is featured.

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