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  • Holistic Evolution: Webisode 2

    Holistic Evolution: Webisode 2

    This time on Holistic Evolution Audrey is making some home cleaning products that will promote health to you and your family, pets included!

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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 7

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 7

    This time on Reinventing Wellness, Sarah Stout talks about how chocolate can still be a part of your life and how it benefits your diet.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 5

    Tea Talk: Webisode 5

    Dan is back for another Tea Talk with three exciting teas that will satisfy all levels of tea drinkers. So steep some water and learn the interesting history of these three teas.

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  • Great Beers: Webisode 1

    Great Beers: Webisode 1

    Great Beers debutes as the first ever Brew Bracket IPA Challenge! Resident Taster Thad is on the scene sampling some of Indiana’s best IPA and guest co-hosts Paige and Kat anchor the inaugural webisode from the State Fair Grounds.

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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 3

    Space Exploration: Webisode 3

    This time on Space Exploration the shuttle crew installs the final US component to the space station reaching 100% completion of the station. Space Exploration takes you behind the scenes to see how life in space really is during a monumental achievement.

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  • Sound Check: Jenn Cristy

    Sound Check: Jenn Cristy

    Guest host Nora Spritznogle is honored to sit down and interview Legendary Jenn Cristy and find out what makes her music so great. In addition, there is some great music to listen to and bonus songs are available in Sound Check: AfterBurner!

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  • Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 20

    Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 20

    Football is in the air as the annual Gold and Blue game has arrived in South Bend. Derek Schultz, Justine Ward, Former ND player Ian Williams attends the St. Baldricks Foundation dinner hosted by The New ND Nation. Then the action shifts to the Blue Gold Game as the offense with the four QB’s take on the stellar defense. Go Irish!

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 22

    Locals Only: Webisode 22

    Locals Only Special Edition coverage of the ISHAA Boys Basketball Tournament from Butler University, Southport High, and Championship Saturday at Conseco Field House.

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  • Holistic Evolution: Webisode 1

    Holistic Evolution: Webisode 1

    Audrey Barron launches her new show Holistic Evolution. On her inaugural webisode she demonstrates how to make a simple and healthy salad.

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  • Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 19

    Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 19

    Justine Ward hosts this week’s Go Irish Weekly Review at Conseco Field House anchoring coverage of the 2011 NCAA Girls Basketball Championship game. Go Irish!

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  • Sound Check: Kontraband Muzik

    Sound Check: Kontraband Muzik

    This week on Sound Check John Newton presents a talented band, Kontraband Muzik. In addition, John sits down with Nate Davis the lead singer and gets to know what Kontraband Muzik is all about.

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 3

    Island Sweets: Webisode 3

    Keila and Marian this week are preparing for a wedding, making a dummy cake anyways! Chef Marian shows you how to work with fondant to create beautiful towering wedding cakes. If you have been curious about how they make those huge cakes then let Island Sweets show you.

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  • Health Insurance 101: Webisode 2

    Health Insurance 101: Webisode 2

    This week on Health Insurance 101, Dan has health insurance expert Sue Meyer on the show has they talk about all the changes that are happening with ObamaCare.

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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 6

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 6

        Sarah Stout is breaking down the facts about high fructose corn syrup and along the way has a few useful tips regarding daily sugar consumption.

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  • Art Beat: Susan Shorter

    Art Beat: Susan Shorter

    Jessi Butler is back this week with local artist Susan Shorter. Susan is a talented artist with a wide range of talent from traditional canvas art to children’s books digital art. If you are a fan of art then check out some of the work Susan is famous for.

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 21

    Locals Only: Webisode 21

    This week on a special edition of Locals Only Derek Schultz introduces three new series to the City360tv family. Island Sweets, which is already two webisodes in with hosts Chef Marian and Keila Mulero. Also, Holistic Evolution and Redemption Style are coming soon with host Audrey Barron and Amber Huber.

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  • Sound Check: Eunan McIntyre

    Sound Check: Eunan McIntyre

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! John Newton hosts this special edition of Sound Check with Irish musician Eunan McIntyre.

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  • Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 18

    Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 18

    Derek and Brian are all ready for March Madness as they have special guest Jason Cripe from The New ND Nation talking Notre Dame Fighting Irish Basketball.

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