Build Immune Systems Naturally – Good Earth Webisode

build your immune system naturally

Build immune systems naturally – Good Earth Food Company Webisode

Rudy Nehrling explains how to build and keep up your immune system naturally.

The foundation of really building up your immune system starts with the foods that you put in your body; whole foods, close to the earth as much as possible.  Ideally you really need to make sure the foods you’re eating are as less genetically modified as possible considering all of the pesticides, herbicides  etc that can make their way into our bodies as well. Eat as close to the earth as much as possible through organic fruits and vegetables that have all the proper nutrients that our bodies need.

Second, we need to look at our vitamins: vitamin C, vitamin D (now vitamin D3), etc. Watch the video as Rudy goes into more depth on the proper vitamins to help build and maintain that immune system naturally.

Also, Rudy goes into discussing herbal supplements, such as medicinal mushrooms and elderberry syrup.  These are things that can boost your system.  The Good Earth Company has created their own cold and flu tea to help you when you’re sick or becoming sick.

Lastly, we talk about probiotics needs to be consumed daily to help with the maintenance of the good bacteria we need to lead a healthy life.

At the end of the day, monitoring what we’re putting in our bodies on a daily basis is the key.

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