Groomer Gregg Dog Grooming and Pet Wellness Tips – Ear Cleaning

Groomer Gregg - Ear Cleaning

Groomer Gregg gives an ear cleansing demonstration for your dog.

There are 3 different products Gregg goes over to put in the dogs ear: a foam, an oil and Zymox

Today Gregg is going to use the foam. Gently spray the foam in your dogs ear where he will massage it in, whip away with a cotton swab and finish with a Q-tip.

Keep in mind, dogs’ ears are notorious for collecting infections. Regular ear washing stops dirt and bacteria from collecting in the folds of those floppy ears. Dogs with very floppy ears and hair close around the ear canal experience more infections than other canines. The buildup of bacteria and yeast around the ear canal can affect the most sensitive parts of the ear, resulting in itching, soreness and raw.

Keeping pets’ ears clean contribute to their health and wellness by preventing irritation and infection that can be painful and potentially lead to hearing loss. Ear disease is one of the most common conditions and easiest prevention in pets.  Otitis externa (the medical name for inflammation or infection in the ear canal) is estimated to affect 20% of dogs and 7% of cats in the United States.  In 2007, Veterinary Pet Insurance reported that treatment for ear infections ranked as the number one medical claim made for dogs and number eight for cats.

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