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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 2

    Tea Talk: Webisode 2

    Dan is back this week talking about puerh tea. Puerh is a special type of tea that can be made from green, black, white, or oolong teas and is very healthy for you. If you are interested in this special tea get some boiling water and watch Tea Talk.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 5

    Tea Talk: Webisode 5

    Dan is back for another Tea Talk with three exciting teas that will satisfy all levels of tea drinkers. So steep some water and learn the interesting history of these three teas.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 4

    Tea Talk: Webisode 4

    Webisode 4 of Tea Talk is a little bit more energetic then usual with Dan Minear serving up some ancient tea from Japan called Matcha. This is unlike any green tea you have ever had with five times the caffeine of an expresso.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 3

    Tea Talk: Webisode 3

    Dan Minear from the Humbolt County Tea Company hosts this week’s webisode of Tea Talk featuring a very rare and good for you tea entitled Rooibos, which is a herbal tea which only grows in South Africa. Heat some water and learn about Tea Talk.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 1

    Tea Talk: Webisode 1

    Dan Minear launches his new show on City360tv entitled Tea Talk which as you can guest is all about tea. Each week Dan show cases his unique teas that he imports and blends locally in his studio. This week Nap Town Snoozer, Chocolate Mint, and is version of green tea are on the webisode.

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  • City360tv That Live Sportscast web/7

    City360tv That Live Sportscast web/7

    Another great That Live Sportscast. Former UFC fighter Chris Lytle rants about the Kentucky’s men’s basketball team showing classless acts after losing in the NCAA tournament. Also, the crew talks NBA high performances and upcoming UFC fights.

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  • Build Immune Systems Naturally – Good Earth Webisode

    Build Immune Systems Naturally – Good Earth Webisode

    Build immune systems naturally – Good Earth Food Company Webisode Rudy Nehrling explains how to build and keep up your immune system naturally. The foundation of really building up your immune system starts with the foods that you put in your body; whole foods, close to the earth as much as possible.  Ideally you really need to make sure the foods you’re eating are as less genetically modified as possible considering all of the pesticides, herbicides  etc that can make their way into our […]

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  • City360tv Line Up

    City360tv Line Up

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  • Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 13

    Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 13

    Tim and Dan are back to wrap up the regular season for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. They are talking about another impressive win and the first since 2001 over USC as Notre Dame finishes the regular season with big momentum. Also this week they highlight seniors on the team and look ahead to bowl game match ups. Go Irish!

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 11

    Locals Only: Webisode 11

    Jeff Burris is back this week joining Derek Schultz as they talk to Ian McCranor and Donna Phelan of KnowSweat Workout, Rose Kelly from sports chronicle.net stops by to talk high school playoff football, Jeff sits down with Kyle Neddenriep talking Indiana sports, and the Perry Meridian High School Wrestling teams joins the show to talk about their upcoming season.

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 8

    Locals Only: Webisode 8

    Derek is back this week with a busy lineup of guest appearances in Locals Only. This week he is talking to the Carmel boys tennis team, Southport football coach Bill Peebles, Roncalli kicker Drew Oehrle, Claddagh Irish Pug general manager Paul Kennedy, new Sound Check host Jime Jam, former Colts linemen Rick DeMulling, and UFC fighter Chris “lights out” Lytle.

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