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  • Chris “Lights Out” Lytle Live

    Chris “Lights Out” Lytle Live

    Due to the worlds largest house arrest in the US former UFC fighter talks some NFL trades previews UFC fight in April and what you watching on Netflix. Also, he has Sound Check host Any Ann talking music. (PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO WATCH THE SHOW. THANKS. .https://www.facebook.com/city360tv )

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  • Sound Check

    Sound Check

    We have a great line up 2 strong vocals Mariah Paige Patterson and Jean Christy. Mariah brings soft but powerful voice. Jenn brings big pipes and a magical touch on keyboards.

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  • Chris “Lights Out” Lytle

    Chris “Lights Out” Lytle

    This past week former UFC fighter Chris”Lights Out” Lytle covers UFC 248, previewed Bare Knuckle 11, college hoops along with our Shining Moment, High Performance and Jack Ass Award featuring Gucci Berry.

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  • Sound Check Grime Time

    Sound Check Grime Time

    This week City360tv has another week of showcasing two great Country Bands. Punkin Holler Boys and Brian Smooth and The Summit Band. Set back and enjoy our in studio concert series.

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  • Soccer Scholars

    Soccer Scholars

    Soccer Scholars hosts Justin and Henry have a full action packed webisode this week. they drive deep into recapping the storic Classico match. they also recap EPL, Spanish and Italian leagues.

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  • City360tv Grime Time

    City360tv Grime Time

    City360tv welcomes back in studio Sound check. This week is the club bump and grind Dubstep club music, (Adult content)

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  • Chris “Lights Out” Lytle Live Sports and More

    Chris “Lights Out” Lytle Live Sports and More

    This webisode former UFC fighter Chris “Lights Out” Lyle recaps Bare Knuckle 10, UFC, XFL and Rain Newman crash update, Hockey and the 700th goal milestone as well 4 goals form the Legend Messi.

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