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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 4

    Space Exploration: Webisode 4

    As the Shuttle program has come to an end, we are granted a view of the instruments Discovery and Mission Control use to determine speed, distance, and other useful data thanks to SpaceVidCast. You will certainly gain a new appreciation for 17 thousand miles per hour after watching an object start from zero.

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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 3

    Space Exploration: Webisode 3

    This time on Space Exploration the shuttle crew installs the final US component to the space station reaching 100% completion of the station. Space Exploration takes you behind the scenes to see how life in space really is during a monumental achievement.

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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 2

    Space Exploration: Webisode 2

    Lift Off of Space Shuttle Discover! The last ride of Discovery launching off at Kennedy Space Center on February 24th, 2011. Discovery and her crew are headed to the International Space Station to install a cargo bay for extra storage on the space station as the shuttle fleet nears retirement. In addition, bonus rare footage of Discovery on its 8 and a half minute ride to space as seen from an airplane window!

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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 1

    Space Exploration: Webisode 1

    Space Exploration has always been a passion of man’s since we first walked on the planet from the Egyptians to the Greek and Roman philosophers. On this inaugural webisode of Space Exploration we have the privilege to watch a Space Shuttle launch of Atlantis as it leaves Earth’s Orbit to repair the Hubble Telescope and watch as the Solid Rocket Boosters fall back to Earth and land safely into the Atlantic Ocean.

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