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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 5

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 5

    Sarah Stout is your host for healthy weight week. During this webisode Sarah discusses some of her tips and advice to help everyone reach their optimal healthy weight. Ready to give up on fad diets? Then give Reinventing Wellness a try!

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 4

    Tea Talk: Webisode 4

    Webisode 4 of Tea Talk is a little bit more energetic then usual with Dan Minear serving up some ancient tea from Japan called Matcha. This is unlike any green tea you have ever had with five times the caffeine of an expresso.

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 1

    Island Sweets: Webisode 1

    Welcome to Island Sweets with your hosts Keila and Chef Marian as they teach you how to cook your own sweets in the kitchen. This week Chef Marian will be teaching you how to make a delicious Italian cake. Grab your ingredients and start watching!

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 20

    Locals Only: Webisode 20

    Derek Schultz welcomes new cohost Victoria Carmen onto Locals Only as they interview Kyle Neddenriep of the Indy Star talking basketball and his new book now available. Also, Victoria talks with Jessi Butler of JB Photography and she shows off some of her unique art.

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  • City360tv Now Hiring

    City360tv Now Hiring

    City360tv is now hiring new producers, show hosts, and new talent for new series. If you think you have what it takes send an email to info@city360.tv.

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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 4

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 4

    Sarah Stout hosts this week’s Reinventing Wellness as she discusses her tips for Detoxification the healthy way.

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  • Space Exploration: Webisode 1

    Space Exploration: Webisode 1

    Space Exploration has always been a passion of man’s since we first walked on the planet from the Egyptians to the Greek and Roman philosophers. On this inaugural webisode of Space Exploration we have the privilege to watch a Space Shuttle launch of Atlantis as it leaves Earth’s Orbit to repair the Hubble Telescope and watch as the Solid Rocket Boosters fall back to Earth and land safely into the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 19

    Locals Only: Webisode 19

    Derek Schultz hosts Locals Only this week as he talks to Helena O’Sack a massage therapist from Circle City Massage, Dr Steve and Dr Chelsey Smiley from Zionsville Chiropractic & Rehabilitation about their new company, and familiar face Dan Shea as he reveals his new show to the City360tv lineup.

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 18

    Locals Only: Webisode 18

    This week on Locals Only we have a Special Edition previewing an upcoming series called Great Beers! Derek interviews one of the Great Beers beer tasters and we take a trip to Bier Brewery to sample their beers. If you would like to be a host or a taster for Great Beers please email Info@city360.tv.

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  • Tea Talk: Webisode 3

    Tea Talk: Webisode 3

    Dan Minear from the Humbolt County Tea Company hosts this week’s webisode of Tea Talk featuring a very rare and good for you tea entitled Rooibos, which is a herbal tea which only grows in South Africa. Heat some water and learn about Tea Talk.

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  • Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 16

    Blue & Gold Weekly Review: Webisode 16

    Tim and Derek close out the football season of the Go Irish Weekly Review with a season recap of all the great Notre Dame moments. Also, special thanks to all the guests that appeared on the show. See you next season, Go Irish!

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  • In Deano Veritas: Webisode 2

    In Deano Veritas: Webisode 2

    In Deano Veritas is visiting the Bordeaux Region of France discovering all the varietals, both reds and whites. So grab a glass and prepare to learn more about Bordeaux wine they you could ever image.

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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 3

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 3

    Sarah Stout hosts this week’s webisode of Reinventing Wellness with a diary free recipe and some information about healthy and safe ways to detox your body which will be covered in full next week.

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  • Ask The Pro: Webisode 12

    Ask The Pro: Webisode 12

    Colby Huffman hosts this week’s Ask The Pro and takes a trip to Heartland Crossing Golf Course to work with Jordan Woods, IUPUI Girls Golf Team, on correcting her golf swing with the technology available at Heartland Crossing and Hickory Stick.

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 17

    Locals Only: Webisode 17

    Derek hosts webisode 17 of Locals Only and has special guest Josh Williams former Defensive linemen of the Indianapolis Colts and now the owner of Homewatch Caregivers. Also, Derek introduces a new show with Donald Coleman and the Military Moment.

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  • Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Sound Check: Bryan Hodge

    Jim E Jam Host this weeks Sound Check with musical guest Bryan Hodge featuring Engine Number 9 and Magic.

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  • Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 2

    Reinventing Wellness: Webisode 2

    Sarah Stout is back this week containing her analysis of diary allergies and ways to determine if you have a food allergy. Also She offers a few substitute foods that mimic diary, but are heathier for you. If you have any questions or comments feel free to email Sarah at sarah@city360.tv.

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  • In Deano Veritas: Webisode 1

    In Deano Veritas: Webisode 1

    Dean Wilson possesses all the truths about wine and has decided to share them with City360tv and the World. In Deano Veritas teaches you everything there is to know about wine to help you enjoy it to the maximum potential.

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