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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 5

    Island Sweets: Webisode 5

    This time on Island Sweets, Chef Marian is sharing her secrets on how to make a wonderful fruit pie just in time for the holiday season! So if you were debating between buying one or making one follow the Island Sweet way and make one!

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 4

    Island Sweets: Webisode 4

    Keila and Chef Marian are back in webisode 4 teaching students how to make a delicious Puerto Rican desert. If contenential life has you down then learn how to add so caribbean spice to your life and food with Island Sweets.

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 3

    Island Sweets: Webisode 3

    Keila and Marian this week are preparing for a wedding, making a dummy cake anyways! Chef Marian shows you how to work with fondant to create beautiful towering wedding cakes. If you have been curious about how they make those huge cakes then let Island Sweets show you.

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 2

    Island Sweets: Webisode 2

    Island Sweets host Keila Mulero is back with Chef Marian making vegan cupcakes. Vegan treats are becoming a very popular craving lately and Chef Marian shows you how easy they are to make in your own kitchen.

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  • Island Sweets: Webisode 1

    Island Sweets: Webisode 1

    Welcome to Island Sweets with your hosts Keila and Chef Marian as they teach you how to cook your own sweets in the kitchen. This week Chef Marian will be teaching you how to make a delicious Italian cake. Grab your ingredients and start watching!

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  • Locals Only: Webisode 21

    Locals Only: Webisode 21

    This week on a special edition of Locals Only Derek Schultz introduces three new series to the City360tv family. Island Sweets, which is already two webisodes in with hosts Chef Marian and Keila Mulero. Also, Holistic Evolution and Redemption Style are coming soon with host Audrey Barron and Amber Huber.

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  • City360tv Line Up

    City360tv Line Up

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